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Roma Kebab ,Pizza&Charcoal Chicken

50 Forrest Road, Armadale , Western Australia 6112


Food Restaurant

50 Forrest Road,
Armadale, Western Australia

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+61 8 6196 0993

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  • Had the buffet with my partner. we have being to Abu Dhabi, UAE so I guess you could say we had high expectations & honestly we both thought the meals where good the only suggestions is perhaps adding dimmers to the lights, and perhaps trying to add some middle eastern music to get a better vibe. Regarding the food in the buffet I would also be heating it up more as it was a little cooler than it should be.
    By Matt Kamo, June 23, 2017
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    Went there to buy pizza with my daughter, and they took their time to serve us hence the place was empty, no one besides us. When they finally decided to serve, we told them we would love to order three pizzas, the response was we can only make one for you as we are very busy and don't have time to make three for you, with a disgusted face to make it worse. They should just put up a sign- "No Dark Skinned People Here". Simple as that... Racists.
    By Trisha, May 16, 2017
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    A huge mistake.....We purchased a scoopon voucher for buffet for two and when we tried to make a booking the guy said we cannot have dinner hat night because apparently they will decide when we should have dinner not us. The guy on the counter who is also the chef was the most unfriendly and arrogant person I have ever met.No wonder the whole place was empty. Finally we agreed to take a platter which was nothing but the size of an entree. When food was arrived the meat was just cold and easily you could say it was cooked early. And the worst part was my son fell sick on the same night and we had to call after hours GP and all point towards food poisoning.Please be careful about going there specially if you have kids.Also reconfirm what you are getting. Will never go anywhere closer to those people...
    By Roshan Thomas, October 30, 2016
  • We attended this restaurant as a group of 6 adults and 4 children. There were plenty of choices at the buffet. The food was very tasty and fresh. The restaurant was very clean and the decor was nice. Despite reading some bad reviews, we really enjoyed our meal at this restaurant. It was definitely good value for money! This is a great place to go to to try out the Lebanese cuisine. We hope that people will give this restaurant a chance. We thank the chef/owner for the lovely meal and we wish him all the best.
    By Diana Munro, August 20, 2016
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About Roma Kebab ,Pizza&Charcoal Chicken in Armadale

Roma Kebab ,Pizza&Charcoal Chicken is a food and restaurant in Armadale, Western Australia. Roma Kebab ,Pizza&Charcoal Chicken is located at 50 Forrest Road.

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